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Tony Works is a Northern Kentucky native who grew up in the gardening business. His father, Jack, is the owner of the Jackson Florist and Garden Center in Covington.


Tony graduated from Northern Kentucky University and worked briefly in the private sector. Afterward, Tony soon found himself back at his father’s garden center. He fell in love with the industry all over again. “The gardening community is really special because of the people,” says Tony. “The Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area has so many great locally owned and operated garden centers. They’re run by genuine people who really go above and beyond to help their customers. It really is a special fraternity to be a part of.”


Tony’s favorite part of working in the industry is helping people solve their gardening issues. “You get a lot of satisfaction from helping people achieve success growing their flower beds and their vegetable and herb gardens. And choosing the right trees and shrubs and helping them get their lawns looking great. That’s why I am really excited to do the show. I can talk to a massive listening audience and help them get their yard where they want it to be.”


When he’s not in the garden, Tony’s usually attending a Reds game with his wife, Tina, or on the golf course attempting to lower his handicap. He also brews his own beer at home.

In and Around the House Podcast

Join host Tony Works and his co-host Bob Bard as they discusses everything you need to know to keep your home in great shape inside and make it look beautiful outside. Listen now!

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