The 7 Marketing Touches to Conversion

A graph showcasing touchpoint journey.It’s a noisy world for consumers. From endless social media feeds to bursting inboxes, digital platforms are overflowing with organic and paid media. It’s a crowded space for companies—and full service online marketing agencies—vying to convert prospects into valuable leads or customers.

That’s why your local digital marketing company knows that driving conversions takes more than one touchpoint, both on and offline. A successful multi-channel marketing approach may utilize seven (or more). Here’s why.

The Rule of Seven

Marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant developed “The Rule of Seven”, which is also known as “drip fed marketing”. To penetrate a market, he believes you need to consistently reach a prospect at least seven times. 

Consumers are flooded with messages on numerous devices and platforms. That’s why one advertisement or email created in-house or by a digital media marketing agency isn’t enough to drive conversions. Prospects need multiple “touches” before they’ll act upon your call to action. 

What is a Marketing Touch?

Reaching prospective customers goes beyond even a robust email marketing strategy. You want to utilize a minimum of seven different types of interactions to boost your conversion rate.

A marketing “touch” could be:

  • Seeing a social media post
  • Meeting at an industry event
  • Viewing a physical or digital ad
  • Receiving your company’s e-newsletter
  • Seeing your logo
  • Getting a phone call
  • A word-of-mouth mention

You can see how this played out for one chief technology officer who finally enrolled in a professional development course after a series of touches that moved him from consideration to purchase.

The right mix of touches for your campaign depends on your goals and budget. A full service advertising agency or full service digital marketing group will recommend the radio and digital advertising tactics to reach your target audience.

Boost Brand Recognition with Radio Advertising

Digital marketing spend may soon reach $350 billion annually worldwide, yet traditional types of advertising, like radio advertising, remain relevant and effective. 

Radio advertising is growing, even in a digital world. Thanks to smartphones, radio is more accessible and convenient than ever. One study found that participants between ages 10 and 39 spent more time listening to the radio than streaming music each day. 

The good news: it’s an effective marketing touchpoint! Consumers who hear a radio ad are 9% more likely to search for that brand online than those that don’t. And if they hear it twice, that percentage jumps all the way up to 36%. 

We Know Multichannel Marketing 

Hubbard Cincinnati is here to get you noticed with engaging marketing strategies on multiple channels. As an innovative media company, we leverage our award-winning radio and digital advertising to get you the seven touchpoints you need for a successful marketing campaign! Ready to jump into your next marketing campaign? Contact us and let’s build something unique. 

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