Radio Impacts Online Search

We’ve all done it, immediately went online to find out more about a product before making the final purchase. In fact, more than 70% of consumers begin their shopping experience online with their favorite search engine. Even after the initial search and discovery, 74% of shoppers do further research on a product or initiate their final purchase through search engines. (Source: Forrester Research)

How does radio fit into this digital customer journey? A recent study conducted by the Radio Advertising Bureau and Media Monitors sought to answer that question. The study involved more than 2,100 local radio ad campaigns within six different categories; automotive, insurance, auto aftermarket, jewelry, wireless communication and ecommerce.

By comparing when a commercial ran to Google search activity, the study revealed that radio increased search activity by 29%! Equally as important is the fact that among all campaigns reviewed, radio increased the search activity of each and every advertiser!

You can read further details from the Radio Matters website.

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