More Smart Speakers Means More Listening for Radio

The popularity of smart speakers continues to grow, with more than one in four Americans owning a device like Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo, according to Edison Research.  That’s good news for AM/FM Radio, which makes up the largest percentage of audio listening on smart speakers.  That share of listening has increased from 20% in 2018 to 24% in 2019.  The next closest competition for “share of ear” on smart speakers is Amazon Music, at a distant 15%.


Since Edison started tracking smart speaker ownership in 2017, the number of Americans owning one has more than quadrupled!  The numbers are greatest among Millennials (age 18-34) at 31% and Gen X (35-54) at 38%, key marketing demographics for advertisers.


Where are those users listening?  87% of AM/FM listening on smart speakers takes place at home, with 10% of listening taking place at work.  The majority of that listening takes place between 6am and 3pm, aligning nicely with radio’s traditional dayparts.


The growing popularity of Alexa, Google Home and similar devices makes AM/FM more accessible inside the home and other places, delivering engaged listeners for our advertisers in non-traditional ways.


Source:  Inside Radio


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