Great partnership leads to double scoop of success


Written by Christine Mello
General Sales Manager


It’s hard to believe the end of summer is in sight. Pumpkin spice and back to school will soon replace lazy pool days, cookouts, summer camp, and let’s not forget ice cream. Ohhh, the ice cream…

We were over here daydreaming about black raspberry chip vs. chocolate (verdict: have a scoop of both 😋), and that led us to highlight an iconic Cincinnati ice cream company. We don’t have to tell you endorsements can be a highly successful marketing strategy. But when the endorser and the client work together with a mutual respect for their brands, great things happen.

Take a look at how Graeter’s and B-105’s Big Dave have worked together over the years with creative solutions to help each other’s brands. Graeter’s wants to promote a new flavor? Big Dave’s got their back. Big Dave wants to provide a fun and educational virtual field trip for children during the pandemic? Graeter’s was his first stop. It’s a perfect pairing that goes together like hot fudge on a sundae.



Christine Mello, whose favorite Graeter’s flavor is strawberry, is a General Sales Manager for Hubbard Cincinnati. She’d love to give you the inside scoop on endorsements and how they can help grow your business. Reach her at

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