Powered by country music, B-105 and 97.3 The Wolf attract and reflect an American lifestyle that values flag, family and fun.

Country Combo Core Values

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We live and work here. Being a good neighbor is our priority.

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We fly the flag and proudly support our military at home and abroad.



We reflect the music we play...real, genuine and true to ourselves.

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We have been here behind the mic, live and local, 24/7 for almost 50 years.


Live and Local

B-105's The Big Dave Show • 5:30am-10am Monday-Friday

The Big Dave Show is #1 with Adults 25-54, Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34. They’ve also earned both the ACM (2015) and CMA (2016) large Market Personality honors. With 6 children among them, their weekends are full of soccer, baseball, theater…or, as Big Dave calls it, “Underage Ubering.” Their family life is fertile ground for creating good country fun every morning.

The country combo that delivers the largest adult 25-54 audience in the market is also where you will find the most nationally recognized talent. And nothing beats live and local. Any hour of the day, any day of the week, someone at B-105 is ready to give you a full-service fill-up of good country fun.

WUBE Celebrates 50 Years

WUBE Celebrates 50 Years

Country Combo Listeners by the Numbers


Have a household income of $75K+

Market average: 43%


Have children under 18 at home

Market average: 35%


Own their own home

Market average: 65%

Total Audience 6+
Adults 25-54
Avg. Monthly Streaming
Social Media Followers

Source: Scarborough R1 2019 Feb18-Feb19 • Apr/May/Jun 2019 Nielsen Audio • Apr/May/Jun 2019 Triton Digital Streaming • Social Media as of 7/1/19, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest


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We Are Where YOU Are

All this awesome technology has increased our acreage to cover pretty much the entire country! In addition to the radio, you can always listen to B-105 and 97.3 The Wolf on your desktop, tablet, mobile device or smart speaker. While you’re at it, check out the playlist, artist info and join a rewards program for listening. Now if we can just figure out how to make it pour you a beer. THAT would be cool.

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On Demand

Whether you want to laugh with Big Dave, drop in on Amanda & Jesse when they’re not on the air, learn more about weight loss support, or follow local wrestling, B-105 has a podcast for all this and more.

big dave show podcast

Big Dave Show

brews and beatdowns with matt cooper podcast

Brews and Beatdowns

amanda and jesse podcast b-105

Amanda & Jesse

pound this podcdast with b-105's amanda valentine

Pound This with Amanda

in and around the house podcast with tony works

In and Around the House

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