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WUBE • B-105 | Amanda & Jesse Show | 3pm–7pm Monday–Friday

Co-hosting the afternoon show on B-105 with Amanda was a dream come true for Jesse Tack, who has been with the station since 2008. Amanda has fun coaxing Jesse out of his comfort zone… like the time she challenged him to choreograph his own Winter Games ice skating routine in tights or the time he had to wear a sign that said "free kisses" at a Brad Paisley concert or participate in the Cupid Undie Run…in his undies.


If you’ve ever tuned into the B-105 Afternoon Show you know Amanda and Jesse love to have fun and laugh. One of Jesse’s favorite comments he’s heard on air came from his co-host, “I’ll eat a dog treat, sure!”


When Jesse isn’t busy having a good time on air, he’s busy participating in a number of fundraising campaigns. One fundraiser that sticks out in his mind was witnessing listeners rally together to raise thousands of dollars to help co-worker Duke Hamilton and his wife, Barbara, get back on their feet after a fire destroyed their home and everything they owned.


As a DeWitt, IA, native, Jesse has embraced the sights and sounds of Cincinnati. He enjoys the awesome views of Over-the-Rhine and Kentucky the observation deck at the Carew Tower provides.


In his free time, Jesse enjoys spending quality time with his Beagle mix, Jackson. He also enjoys working out, seeing new movies, watching documentaries on Netflix, traveling and working on projects around his house.

Meet Jesse Tack

Jesse makes people laugh every afternoon with his partner Amanda Valentine. In this video, it’s his twin brother Joey who challenges Jesse to see who breaks first.

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