Life Center Case Study

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About the Client

LifeCenter Organ Donor Network encourages and coordinates the donation of human organs and tissues for transplantation.


The objective was to increase brand awareness of LifeCenter and to increase the number of organ donors in LifeCenter’s target areas.



They have been a client for 5 years. The details discussed here are mainly for their campaign over 2018.



We chose YouTube, Blogging, and Social Media ads as the best tactics to help them achieve their goals of growing awareness for organ donation. Through these solutions, we have been able to help share the story of donors and recipients and educate people on what impact it has to be a donor.


What we delivered

This customized solution was the perfect combination for an action-oriented campaign. We helped build the brand of Life Center but also encouraged people to make the choice to become an organ donor. We were able to highlight touching stories and educate using video promotion and blogging.



2060 Digital has been instrumental in LifeCenter’s ability to increase brand awareness and increase the number of organ donors in Greater Cincinnati and beyond. Organ donation is a very personal choice. We understand that view on organ donation across cultures is something we need to be sensitive to. 2060 Digital handles our advertising campaigns with those same values. In addition, organ donation is a very emotional choice. 2060 Digital was able to use YouTube and other digital assets to share the heart-warming that surround LifeCenter and organ donation, which resulted in some of the most successful campaigns that we have seen locally or across the nation. Through excellent reporting, analysis, customer service and RESULTS, 2060 Digital has been able to keep our business and will continue to earn it for a very long time.

Andi O’Malley, Community Relations Director, LifeCenter

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